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Sri Lanka Visa Extension 2022 - A Thorough Guide

08th April, 2022 Updated

You are having a great time enjoying Sri Lanka and its diverse personalities. If your 30 days visa wasn't enough to explore the beaches, hill country, cultural wonders or amazing cities, you could apply for a Sri Lanka Visa Extension. But just like any other visa-related procedure, your mind is full of many unanswered questions.

That is going to change in a few minutes! This guide will thoroughly answer common questions like "Who is eligible for a Sri Lanka visa extension?", "How to apply for a visa extension?", "The required documents and the cost of an extension" and many other necessary details not divulged before. Let's get started!


What are the Types of Sri Lanka Visas?

The Sri Lanka Immigration issues 4 types of visas depending on the nationality or passport of the traveller. They are:

1. Free on-arrival visa

This visa type is only issued for nationals or passport holders of Singapore, Seychelles and Maldives and is issued for free.

2. Prearranged or Prepaid visa

This visa type is issued for nationals or passport holders from the countries mentioned below. Travelers under this category must apply for their visa and get it approved before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Afghanistan Cameroon Egypt
Ghana Ivory Coast Myanmar
Nepal Nigeria North Korea
Pakistan Syria

3. Paid on arrival for SAARC nationals

The nationals and passport holders of SAARC countries India, Bhutan and Bangladesh are issued an ETA visa. They can choose to get the ETA issued at the airport (need to pay a fee), apply for the visa online or apply through an authorized travel firm like Arabiers.

4. Paid on arrival for non-SAARC nationals

Any countries not mentioned in the three categories listed above will automatically fall under this category. This includes countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UAE, the UK and USA to name a few. Like the SAARC nationals, they can also apply for ETA at the airport, through an authorized travel agent like Arabiers or preapply online. For more explanation on the procedures and requirements, you can read Arabiers' visa guide.


Eligibility Criteria for a Sri Lanka Visa Extension

To be eligible for a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa Renewal, you need to have the following:

  1. A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  2. Enough funds to support your stay during the extension

Necessary Supporting Documents for the Extension

If you are applying for an extension you need to submit the following documents along with your application:

  1. Original passport of applicant
  2. Fully filled and signed Sri Lanka tourist visa renewal form
  3. One passport size photograph of the applicant of dimensions 3.5cm x 4.5cm
  4. A return plane ticket to the place of origin or a visa to the next destination country.
  5. Evidence of sufficient financial means to support the extended stay costs.
  6. Any other documents justifying your extension request

How to Apply for a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa Renewal?

Travelers who want to extend their stay in Sri Lanka must submit their applications before their ETA expires. Extensions are usually given in chunks of three months. The maximum duration for which a visa can be extended is 12 months. All extension applications must be submitted in either of the following methods:

  • Through the department of Immigration and Emigration
  • Via the online visa renewal portal
  • By contacting Arabiers or an authorized travel firm

01Through the department of Immigration and Emigration

Step 1

Visit the department of immigration's website and book an appointment.

Step 2

Visit the immigration office with the necessary supporting documentations.

Step 3

Submit and wait for approval from Immigration.

02 Via the online visa renewal portal

If you choose this method you have to visit the online visa extension portal and follow these steps:

Step 1

Register with your details, email and password on the site and then login.

Step 2

Fill up the necessary details, especially the fields that have been marked as mandatory.

Step 3

Upload the necessary files and documents like a photograph, passport details page, etc. Try your best to submit as many of the documents requested to smooth the visa extension procedure.

Step 4

Save the details after you have submitted. If you have dependent travelers you can repeat steps 1 to 3 using the same log. You can choose to submit a maximum of 5 applications at one go.

Step 5

If your Visa extension has been approved, you will receive an email to your registered email address with a payment breakdown.

Step 6

After the payment is completed, you will receive your visa details to your email address.

03 By contacting Arabiers or an authorized travel firm

Step 1

Visit the Arabers' office or get in touch through whatsApp.

Step 2

Our visa extension representative will clear all your doubts and collect necessary details like your reason for extension, if you have done any previous extensions, etc and suggest the most suitable method to go ahead with.

Step 3

After everything has been discussed, submit your necessary documents.

Step 4

Make the payment through our approved channels onsite or online.

Step 5

Our representative will contact you after your visa extension has been successfully completed.


What are the Permitted durations for a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa renewal?

Extensions are usually issued in chunks of 3 months permitting a maximum stay duration of 12 months.You can only extend for a maximum of 4 times after which you will have to leave Sri Lanka and re-enter with a new visa. You can choose any of the convenient durations mentioned below for your Sri Lanka Visa Extension:

1st Extension 2nd Extension 3rd Extension 4th Extension
3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
3 Months 3 Months 6 Months -
9 Months 3 Months - -

These are just possible durations for extension. The traveler can customize it depending on their preference or need. You can discuss this with Arabiers' visa extension consultants an get the best route for your extension.


What is the Cost of a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa Renewal?

3 month extension

150 to 400 USD
6 or 9 month extension

500 USD and above

What are the Overstaying Fines?

Sri Lanka has updated visa costs and fines per the new Immigration and Emigration Regulations, published in the Extraordinary Gazette No. 2241/37 on August 18, 2021.

The Department of Immigration and Emigration declared in a press release dated August 28, 2021, that a foreigner remaining in Sri Lanka without a valid visa would be fined 500 USD in addition to the visa price.


What to Do after an Extension?

It is pretty obvious that you applied for an extension because you couldn't explore the many personalities of this beautiful island. Now that you have an extension and can wake up to lush views for a few more months, let us focus on the places you can visit.

Do you love beaches?

If you have extended only for 4 weeks is relatively short for you. Your best options to soak n the Sri Lankan beach vibe would be cities like Bentota or Galle, which belong to the South of the island. Bentota has some spectacular beaches and is only a 1.5 hour drive away from Colombo. This cosy beach town is ideal for those who wish to learn about Sri Lanka's culture, enjoy the water or get close to some marine life. The city of Galle is home to one of Sri Lanka's most famed and picturesque forts that border the gorgeous beach. Cool water, the

beauty of the quaint city within the fort, the rich history, and many activities will keep your days busy. If you wish to visit but are not aware of what to do, you can check out our Bentota guide and Galle guide, which are full of helpful information. If you have extended your Sri Lanka Tourist Visa for 3 months or more, you can add more beach towns to your itinerary. The district of Trincomalee is home to many beautiful beaches like Pigeon Island, which is one of the country's maritime national parks. You can check Arabier's Trincomalee guide for more possible towns to visit.

Do you love mountains and waterfalls?

If you answered yes to this question, you would be happy to know that Sri Lanka is blessed with many waterfalls and picturesque summits. From the breathtaking Ravana Ella falls in Ella to the dramatic Adam's peak, check out our guides to get an idea of the route you have to take or contact us for a customized itinerary.

Do you love culture?

Sri Lanka is home to eight UNESCO world heritage sites, 6 of which are cultural. That only is enough to prove how culturally rich this small island is! You shouldn't miss the gorgeous frescoes at the Sigiriya rock fortress or the intricate paintings in Dambulla's cave temple. If you wish to see more, the ideal route will be the cultural triangle comprising Anuradhapura, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa

Do you love food?

Sri Lankans and food have a powerful bond. It is also a vegan's delight thanks to the variety of vegetable-based dishes. The roads echo with the signatory "taka taka", hints that a delicious plate of Kothu is being prepared. Kotthu is a native fast food prepared using shredded rotti, meat, veges, egg and gravy. Sri Lankans consider rice and curry as comfort food and it indeed is. The perfect balance of flavours and textures makes a plate of rice and curry truly divine. If you would love to indulge in street food, then Hulftsdorf is the place to be for yummy and


Frequently Asked Questions

The Department of Immigration does not reveal why an extension is rejected, and no third party is responsible for it.

Unfortunately, there is no refund because the payment has already been made for the visa renewal.

The foreigner staying in Sri Lanka after their visa has expired without an approved extension will have to settle a fine of 500 USD and the visa cost.

No, there is no grace period for a Sri Lanka Visit Visa.

If you happen to overstay after your Tourist Visa has expired, you will need to settle a 500USD + visa fees fine. After this, you can renew your visa.

You can extend your visa a maximum of 4 times with a duration of 3 months each extension.

Walk-in applicants might have to stay in queues. It is highly suggested to make an appointment online before you go.

There is a high possibility of your renewal being approved. Make sure to submit all relevant supporting documents to prove your case.