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Attractive Places to Visit in Galle

2022 Febraury updated

Galle has a long and colourful history dating back hundreds of years. Before the 16th century, Galle was the island's principal port for exporting and trading products and spices. Since 1400 BC, Ceylon cinnamon has been exported. Galle was utilized as a bastion by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial powers. Galle was the ancient seaport of tarnish from which King Solomon took ivory, peacocks, and other riches, according to Sir James Emerson.

Galle now is charming, particularly the fort. Galle has one of the most popular cricket stadiums in the world and is one of the most famous places to visit in Galle. There is so many things to do in Galle and ways to learn about this wonderful city. The roads along the coast that are beautiful. Let's start with the most important, as well as the minor details that most people overlook.

How to travel

Distance from galle – 120 km

By Road

galle – Galle Highway – with traffic – 3 hours

galle – Galle Expressway – with tolls – 1 hour

By Train

galle – Galle Express train – 2 hours

Walk into galle fort railway station and you can get tickets for 3rd class and 2nd class. (3rd class railway tickets price is very cheap)

3rd class is very crowded sometimes not recommended for tourists.

To pre-book a rail journey contact a travel agency

For more information, log in to –

By Air

galle – Galle – 20 mins
The following travel companies offer internal chatter flights and Helicopter tours

01 Galle fort

Galle Fort, located in the Bay of Galle on Sri Lanka's southwest coast, was first erected by the Portuguese in 1588, and then heavily strengthened by the Dutch from 1649 onwards. It is a historical, archaeological, and architectural heritage site that still has a polished aspect after more than 432 years, thanks to the refurbishment effort by the Sri Lankan Archaeological Department. The Galle fort is hands-down one of the compulsory places to visit in Galle.

02 Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna is a beach town in Sri Lanka's Galle district and is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka because of its beach and coral reefs. It is a Galle suburb located 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) southeast of the city centre and 108 kilometres (67 miles) south of galle. Unawatuna stands at a height of 5 meters (16 feet) above sea level. Despite tremendous growth in the recent decade, the endangered and endemic purple-faced langur, a shy monkey species found exclusively in Sri Lanka's jungles, nevertheless calls Unawatuna home. A sea bath in Unawatuna is one of the refreshng things to do in Galle.

03 Talpe Beach


Sri Lanka is recognized as the Indian Ocean's Pearl. Because it is surrounded by magnificent beaches. Talpe Beach is one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful beach destinations. The rockpool beach is another name for it. It is in Sri Lanka's Southern Province, near the town of Galle. It is a popular tourist spot for both locals and visitors.

The rockpool beach is 40 meters from the major road between Matara and Galle. Talpe is 10 kilometres from Galle Town. To get to this lovely location, you can take a tuk-tuk or your private vehicle. Talpe is a peaceful village amid the bustling metropolis of Galle. Stilt fishermen abound in this seaside village, and it's one of the excellent places to visit in Galle if you want to learn more about the local way of life. The rock ponds were cut out of the corals some 50 years ago, according to the islanders, and were used to soak coconut husks to separate the coconut coir. The beach is in excellent condition, and the location is not overly exposed. You will undoubtedly enjoy it!

04 Madol duwa Boat Safari and fish therapy


Located a few kilometres from Galle is the picturesque Koggala Lake. It is a haven for nature lovers who want to learn about and explore the natural biodiversity and environment. The lake is surrounded by mangrove swamps that are lush and verdant. In Koggala Lake, you may explore the entire region as well as all eight islands.

Madol Duwa is a fictional place in The novel 'Madol Duwa,' written by the great novelist Martin Wickramasinghe, made the island more famous. Later, the village of Koggala was identified as that of the great novelist.

05 Whale watching from Galle (by Srilanka Navy)


Since 30 January 2011 at the port of Galle, the Sri Lanka Navy's passenger ship "Princess of Lanka" has set sail on a new journey as part of the "whale watching project." Thousands of security forces personnel, passengers, and supplies were transported between Trincomalee, Kankesanthurai ports, and Thalai Mannar on the Princess of Lanka passenger vessel until the mainland supply routes were cleared and restored after the dawn of peace. Whale watching is undoubtedly one of the most interesting things to do in Galle.

06 Stilt Fishermen


Local fishermen in Sri Lanka, particularly on the southern shore, practice stilt fishing, which is a traditional type of fishing. Fishermen sit on cross-shaped beams with perfect balance and inexhaustible patience, waiting for their catch of the day! Observing them in action will be one of the interesting things to do in Galle.

07 Jungle Beach


Jungle Beach is a beautiful bay tucked in a forested environment located west of Unawatuna. It is one of Sri Lanka's hidden jewels, with everything you need to make your vacation remember. Due to its quiet location, the site preserves its pristine natural charm all year.

Water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, boat rides, and more are available at Jungle Beach. The reefs that stick out of the water a few meters offshore are a good spot for snorkelling, as they present you to the region's unusual marine life. You'll see moray eels, crabs, barracudas, triggerfish, and a variety of other reef-dwelling critters in addition to schools of colourful fish. Whale watching, exploring ancient sites, jungle hiking, and many more things are available in Jungle Beach.

08 Underwater Museum - Galle


On April 5, 2020, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, Commander of the Navy, declared open Sri Lanka's first-ever underwater museum off the coast of Galle.

At the request of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, this underwater museum was created off the coast of Galle under the careful supervision of the Commander of the Navy. The Sri Lanka Navy's manpower was used to complete the construction work. This unique museum is located off the coast of Galle, a popular tourist destination for both local and international visitors. A huge collection of artefacts and sculptures created by the Navy has also been displayed.

All of the monuments that have been erected here were created by navy personnel and are constructed of concrete and environmentally acceptable materials. The site will encourage the growth of corals, which will contribute to the property's aesthetic appeal over time. The entire underwater story is placed in the Galle port region at a depth of roughly 50 feet, providing a unique sightseeing experience for everybody, including children, adults, expert divers, scuba beginners, and regular swimmers. This is one of the mandatory places to visit in Galle.

09 Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum


The Martin Wickramasinghe Trust has built a Folk Museum Complex around the house where Martin Wickramasinghe was born, which is surrounded by a restored ecosystem with hundreds of varieties of indigenous trees and shrubs and abundant birdlife. The house and its surroundings bring to life a small fraction of the Koggala that Wickramasinghe eloquently depicts in his writings.

10 Lagoon and Village Cycling


Cycling through the picturesque village of Galle is the perfect way to break away from the monotony of city life. Cycling among Galle's lagoons and villages is a great way to spend your weekends. You can easily cover 12 kilometres if you ride at your own pace.

11 Lagoon Canoeing Tour at Unawatuna


Canoeing in Galle is a magnificent experience and one of the greatest things to do in Galle. Unawatuna is a magnificent island where the majority of adventure sports take place. Canals, lagoons, beaches, rivers, and reservoirs dot the landscape.

Canoeing may transport you to the heart of nature's flora and animals, which is marked by shifting landscapes and interesting mangroves.

12 Galle Light House


Galle Lighthouse or Pointe de Galle Light is the oldest lighthouse in Galle. The lighthouse was established in 1848 and stands tall today at 26.5 meters at the shore of Galle.

The bright white lighthouse with the background of the blue skies, turquoise blue and green ocean, the golden sand of the shore, and the lush green paddy fields makes for a very picturesque view. The same view also makes visiting this lighthouse one of the best activities to do in Galle.

13 Maritime Archeology Museum


Visiting Maritime Archeology Museum is one of the best things to do in Galle if you're a fan of museums and century-old objects. The museum houses models of boats, ships, and century-old items retrieved from shipwrecks.

You will also find several maps and artilleries in the museum. The 2004 Tsunami has caused a significant amount of damage to the museum and its collection but with the help of donations, it was repaired and opened to visitors again in 2010.

14 Historical Mansion Museum


The Historical Mansion Museum is one of the world's largest privately-owned museums. The museum has a sizable collection of vintage jewellery, cameras, typewriters, and other items. The museum is best recognized for its collection of traditional crafts, such as beeralu lace needlework.

This museum, housed in a centuries-old Dutch house, is an antique in itself as the building dates back to the 1700s. Exploring this museum's vast collections is one of the top things to do in Galle for history buffs.

15 Japanese Peace Pagoda


The Japanese Peace Pagoda, also known as the Unawatuna Peace Pagoda, is one of Sri Lanka's three Buddhist stupas, making it one of the most popular things to do in Galle. The stupa is a paperwhite dome that sits in the middle of a dense jungle near Unawatuna Beach.

The circular deck and architecture, the golden Buddha statue, and the breathtaking views of the blue ocean make this a must-see in Galle.

16 Rumassala Sanctuary


The Rumassala Sanctuary is one of Galle's most popular tourist destinations. The refuge is home to a diverse collection of wild exotic plants, medicinal herbs, and lovely shrubs. Many uncommon bird species can also be found here in the wild.

To get to the sanctuary, take the Jungle Beach Road, which runs along the beach and provides stunning views of the blue ocean. The Rumassala Hills offer breathtaking vistas, making it one of the top things to do in Galle for trekkers and wildlife lovers.

17 Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery


If you are to see a Turtle conservation project, this is the place you want to visit. Attractive set-up and very good explanations about turtles. They have officers who speak different languages. Not only sea turtles you will also see some sharks, starfish, giant lobsters, etc.

18 Snorkeling


Snorkelling is a water sport in which snorkelers use a plastic mask with a tube connected to swim on the surface of the water or dive deep into the water. Fins and wetsuits are also used to aid navigation.

The Jungle Beach in Galle is a semi-hidden inlet surrounded by jungle that makes for excellent snorkelling. It's one of the most enjoyable things to do in Galle. Because the reef is partially dead, it is not dangerous. Because the current isn't too strong, you can swim securely towards the rocky edges.

19 The Flag Rock Bastian


In the past, it had also been known as Visser's Hoek and Viaggeklip Bastion. According to J.W. Heide, the Dutch flag had been hoisted here by 1733. In Gems Cardine's book Description of Ceylon, it is stated that in 1796 the British flag was hoisted here. In 1848 the first lighthouse on the island of Sri Lanka had been constructed here. The light had been powered by kerosene oil and gas. In about 1930 it had been destroyed by fire.

20 The Beach of Bonavista


An excellent choice for beach relaxation and surfing. Good views and affordable prices for surfing. Prices are 2 times cheaper than in Unawatuna. The place is on the way from Galle to Unawatuna.