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Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

Updated June 12, 2024

Sri Lanka tourist visa is an essential document you need to have before you are allowed to enter Sri Lanka for tourism purposes. If you are looking how to obtain the visa, requirements and whether you need the visa we got all that information in this guide.

1. What is a Sri Lanka tourist visa?

Sri Lanka tourist visa refers to an official authorization or entry permit given to foreign nationals who want to visit Sri Lanka for tourism purposes.

Most of the countries their national are eligible to apply for Sri Lanka e-tourist visa or Electronic travel Authorization (ETA) or you have to visit Sri Lanka consulate or embassy to apply for the tourist visa.

Protocol for Arrivals to Sri Lanka

2. Do I need a visa to travel Sri Lanka?

The requirements to obtain visa to Sri Lanka depends on your nationality. There are countries who their national are exempted from getting visa when travelling to Sri Lanka and while other are required to apply for tourist visa to Sri Lanka whenever they want to enter the country for tourism reasons.

There are also some nationals from countries who have to go extra mile and obtain all required documents and clarification before they are issued with visa to visit Sri Lanka.

Below diagram will show the structure of Sri Lanka tourist visa process.

 we can divide sri lanka tourist visa process into two main categories. One is visa exempt countries and the other one is visa required countries. Further visa required countries getting two types of visas which are E-tourist visa and consulate visa.

3. Visa exempted countries

Citizens from the countries below can travel to Sri Lanka using their ordinary passport without a visa.

  • Czech Republic
  • Maldives
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Seychelles

Also citizens from these countries can travel to Sri Lanka using diplomatic or official passport without a visa

Bahrain Cuba Kazakhstan Russia
Bangladesh Georgia Kenya Seychelles
Belarus Czech Republic Maldives Singapore
Brazil Hong Kong Myanmar Thailand
Cambodia India Oman Ukraine
Chile Indonesia Pakistan Vietnam
China Iran Qatar Romania Benin

4. Sri Lanka e- tourist visa

If you are not a citizen from the Sri Lanka visa exempted countries, it means you have to apply for Sri Lanka visa before you travel.

How can I get my visa to visit Sri Lanka?

There are two ways of obtaining Sri Lanka e-visa:

1. On-arrival

You can get Sri Lanka tourist visa when you arrive at the any of Sri Lankan airport. All you have to do is queue to the ETA issuing counter and get your tourist visa.

The disadvantage of this option is that the wait line can be long; you will have to complete the application fee and pay the fee which can take hours.

2. In advance Online

The second way to get touristy visa to Sri Lanka is apply for the e-tourist visa before you fly to Sri Lanka. After you arrive at the airport you will just show your visa and be allowed to enter into the country.

We can assists you get the Sri Lanka e-tourist visa in advance. You can visit our office in Sri Lanka or reach out through the WhatsApp.

5. Eligibility for a Sri Lanka tourist visa

Below are the requirements you have to submit when applying for Lanka tourist visa

1. Nationality

Applicant should from a country eligible for THE E-VISA. You can refer above to check countries eligible.

2. Passport Validity

Applicant should have a valid passport least six months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.

3. Travel Documents

When travelling to Sri Lanka here are the documents you should carry: Have a return a return flight ticket from UAE to Sri Lanka to UAE Evidence you have enough money to pay for the expenses while staying in Sri Lanka.

4. Application Requirements

While apply for the tourist visa to Sri Lank these are the main documents you will be required to submit:

  • Submit colored photocopy of your passport
  • Submit recent passport-sized photograph
5. Health Requirements

If you are national from the countries listed below you will be required to submit yellow fever vaccination certificate on arrival in Sri Lanka.

Angola, Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, French Guiana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Sao Tome And Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Venezuela, Zaire

6. How to apply for a Sri Lanka tourist visa?

Here step-by –step guide how to apply for Sri Lanka tourist visa.

Contact us
Prepare all required documents

Send us the documents
Pay us the visa fee

Get your e- visa and prepare for the travel

Book your flights and hotel
7. Visit Sri Lanka


7. Visa Fees for different options

Category Entry Validity Visa Fees Extension
Standard travel Visitor Visa Double 6 months with 60 days stay limit 80-110 USD you cannot extend
Single Entry travel visa for 30 days Single 30 days from date of entry 60-70 USd you cannot extend
1 year Multiple entry travel visa Multiple 1 year with 90 days stay limit 200-240 USd you cannot extend
2 years Multiple entry travel visa Multiple 2 years with 180 days stay limit 300-340 USD you cannot extend
5 years Multiple entry travel visa Multiple 5 years with 180 days stay limit 500-550 USD you cannot extend
10 years Multiple entry travel visa Multiple 10 years with 180 days stay limit 1000-1100 USD you cannot extend

The visa fee mentioned above is inclusion of visa charges, service fee, immigration support & payment gateway fee, taxes and other transaction fees.

8. Sri Lanka embassy or consulate tourist visa

If you are a nation from these countries Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Syria and North Korea you are not eligible for Sri Lanka e-visa.

You have to apply for Sri Lanka visa through the Sri Lankan embassy or through the Department of Immigration & Emigration.

If you are from one of above state contact the arabiers Sri Lankan visa team to get the visa hassle free.

9. Requirements for a Sri Lanka consulate visa

When you are submitting visa application to Sri Lanka at the Lankan embassy or Department of Immigration & Emigration, here are the documents which should accompany your application.

  • Scan of your passport and it should be valid for at least 6 months
  • Your recent passport size photo and your face should be clearly visible
  • Certificate from a Sri Lankan guarantor and a photocopy of the guarantors NIC
  • Affidavit from a Sri Lankan JP (Justice of Peace) or a Lawyer
  • Original hotel booking documents

When travelling to Sri Lanka here the documents you will need to carry:

  • Copy of your consulate Sri Lanka visa
  • Return flight ticket

10. How to apply for a Sri Lanka consulate visa?

You can apply for Sri Lanka consulate visa by following these steps:

1. Contact us
2. We will inform you all the required documents
3. Send us all relevant documents
4. Pay us the visa fee
5. Get your visa
6. Book your flights and hotel
7. Visit Sri Lanka

11. Processing Time

When you apply for the Sri Lanka e-tourist visa the embassy will take hours to process it. However, during peak season the processing can take up to 3 working days.

The processing time for the Consulate travel visa it is around 7 working days. To avoid processing delaying you ought to gather, prepare all required documents and visit immigration

12. Visa Application Issues and Solutions

When applying for Sri Lanka visa you may face some issues. Here we have highlighted some of the common issues and solution.

Visa rejection

Sometimes the Sri Lanka visa issuing authorities may refuse to issue you a visa. From out experience because you may have not submitted all required documents.

When you apply the visa with us we ensure you have submitted the visa application with all required documents. And the possibility to a visa rejection is almost 0.

Visa delaying

Sometimes the visa processing can take long. Arabiers have office in Colombo and can follow up your visa application in case of delaying. Our visa experts will go take a step and visit the immigration offices.

Document handling

When you don’t fill out your visa application correctly the chances are your visa will be rejected. Arabiers will handle the all the visa application documents behalf of you. Simply you can send us the required documents through WhatsApp.

13. Why us

Planning a trip to foreign country can be daunting task. Arabiers relieves you that stress. We are a trusted Visa Company over 10k + success visa applications.

We have our office in Colombo Sri Lanka staffed with experiences visa consultants. We offer not only visa services but also, arranged well curated tour packages, hotel bookings, air tickets booking.

The team Arabiers will provide you with more trustworthy visa services, travel package preparation, Air tickets booking and travel consultancy services.

14. Must-See Destinations in Sri Lanka

When curating your itinerary of places to visit in Sri Lanka here are top destination you should not miss to include.

Cultural & Historical Visits

Cultural & Historical Visits

There are several cultural and historical destinations you should include in bucket list of things to do in Sri Lanka.

One of the destinations is Sigiriya where you see palace ruin dating in 5th century. The ruins are surrounded by extensive gardens and frescoes.

Another destination is in Kandy to visit the Temple of the Tooth. At this revered site is where sacred tooth relic of Buddha is found. And the tooth serves as a Buddhist heritage symbol in the Island.

Another yet fascinating destination to visit is Galle Fort where you will get to explore 16th century colonial architecture. At this site you will get to see ramparts and bastions built by the Portuguese which were later fortified by the Dutch.

The blend of tropical setting and the European influence makes this site have an amazing picturesque.

Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safaris

You can’t miss to embark on wildlife safari in Sri Lanka during your visit. There are several places or destinations where you can visit for the safari.

Some of the destination where you can visit for wildlife safari is Yala National Park, Wilpattu National Park and Udawalawe National Park.

At any of these parks you will see animals such as elephants, sloth bears water buffalo, crocodiles, and various bird species.



Sri Lanka is an Island with long coastline and beaches where you can explore. There are different beaches where you can visit for relaxing and enjoying water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or skiing.

Among beaches to visit in Sri Lanka are Bentota which features golden sand, clam waters and best spot for various water activities like jet-skiing and windsurfing.

If you love snorkeling and water diving then you should visiting the Hikkaduwa beach. Its coral reefs make it well known beach.

The other beach to not to miss and experience surfing is known as Arugam Bay. A lot of tourist who love surfing flock this beach because there are strong waves making it surfing experience stunning.

Hill Country and Tea Plantations

Hill Country and Tea Plantations

When you enter Sri Lanka one of the things you will notice there are tea plantation almost everywhere. Sri Lanka is among the top tea producing countries.

You can visit the tea farm to learn all about tea cultivation from how it is planted, plucking to how tea is processed.

Some of the places where you can visit tea plantations include Nuwara Eliya also known as "Little England." There are large tea farms and you will love the stunning landscapes.

Another place where you can visit in Sri Lanka to explore the tea plantation and see the surrounding hills is Ella. The views are breathtaking and you can go hiking to Ella Rock.

15. What can do during your sri lankan visit

1. Visit a Tea Plantation

During your visit in Sri Lanka it is worthy to visit a tea plantation and learn all about the production to processing of tea. Sri Lanka is among the countries which produce finest tea which is consumed across the world.

The production of teal started way back in 1867 and up to date the country has been leading the market in tea productions.

During your visit in tea plantation you will embark on guided tour through the plantation as you are shown how the tea is prepared from the bursaries, planted, plucked to take to factory for processing.

You will have a chance to taste variety of tea grades processed and even buy some to take home. At the end of the trip you will appreciate the craftsmanship behind each cup of tea.

2. Go Whale Watching

Sri Lanka is among the countries where you can go deep in the ocean and have an opportunity to watch the largest mammals on earth swimming.

Sri Lanka is among the countries where you can go deep in the ocean and have an opportunity to watch the largest mammals on earth swimming.

The best time for this activity is from November to April. During this time the sea is clam given you have to get deeper into the sea and whales have migrated into this side of the ocean.

3. Hike to Adam's Peak

If you love outdoor activities like hiking then you can challenge yourself to hike to the top of Adams peak. The peak is significantly to the local as it regarded as scared to Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Muslims.

Many tourists love to climb this peak at night so that they can catch sunrise. There are well maintained hiking trails which involve taking thousands of steps.

While you ascend to the top of this peak you will come across pilgrims and this makes this peak not just a tourist attraction site but also serves as scared place.

4. Learn to Surf on Sri Lanka's Beautiful Beaches

You can learn how to surf in Sri Lanka pristine beaches. The beaches have ideal setting featuring warm water and waves.

Some of the places where you can visit to learn how to surf are Arugam Bay, Weligama, and Hikkaduwa. There are schools around these areas where you can enroll and be taught how to surf.

The instructors are experienced and take into consideration safety and make the whole learning process enjoyable. Surfing is a thrilling watersport activity you should try when your visit Sri Lanka.

5. Take a Cooking Class

After enjoying a meal in Sri Lanka you will want to know how that cuisine was prepared. That is all possible because you can enroll in a cooking class.

Most of the classes are hosted in lush gardens, rural homes and teacher is a local chef. Some of the cuisines you will be taught how to prepare include hoppers, and sambol. You will get to learn how to use all the aromatic species popular in Sri Lanka.

6. Learn About Sri Lanka's Traditional Medicine System

You can visit several wellness centers and retreat found in several parts in Sri Lanka to learn all about the Sri Lanka's Traditional Medicine System.

The system is known as Ayurveda and dates back to thousands years ago. When you visit a wellness centers and retreat you will get to know the principles of Ayurveda.

More so, you will learn about the holistic healing practices and herbal treatments. It is an experience where you also get to understand about well-being through holistic approach.

You can have a personalized consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners and will get to learn about how to have a balanced heath through taking care of your lifestyle, diet and use of natural remedies.

7. Visit a Spice Plantation

If you want to learn how all the species you see used in cooking Sri Lanka cuisines are cultivated you can take a trip to a spice plantation.

At the planation you will learn how mostly used species such as cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, and cloves are cultivated and prepared for consumption.

During the tour will also get to smell and also taste the species before they are prepared at the farm. The guide will also tell you about the uses of each spice planted in the farm and even how some are used as medicinal.

8. Take a Train Ride through the Scenic Hill Country

Taking a train across Sri Lanka is the best way to explore the hill country. You can take a train from Kandy to Ella. During the ride you will get to enjoy views of tea plantations, misty mountains, and cascading waterfalls.

You will enjoy fantastic view in very turn the train takes. The landscape in the hill country is amazing and there is no better way to see all that other than when riding a train with open windows and doors.

9. Go White-Water Rafting on the Kelani River

If you love water sport activities then you should try rafting experience in Kelani River at Kitulgala. It is the best hotspot whether you are a beginner or experience rafter.

Rafting is a thrilling activity and as you are taught to raft in this river you should no panic because all safety measures are put in place. As you raft through the waters you also get to enjoy the views of the rainforest and landscape.

16. Why us

When booking for a place to stay in Sri Lanka, here we have recommendation of best hotels. You should select a hotel which suits your preference and budget.

Famous 5 star Hotels

Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo

This hotel is located along the Galle Face Green promenade. It is a 5 start hotel and will enjoy luxurious experience during your stay.

The guest rooms are spacious and will all luxury amenities. From the hotel you can enjoy stunning views. Amenities in the hotel include dining options, a spa, and pool among others.

Cinnamon Grand Colombo

If you visit in Sri Lanka will be centered in Colombo, this is best hotel to book your stay. The hotel is located at the heart of Colombo.

During your stay at this hotel you will enjoy 5 start services. It is a luxurious hotel and the atmosphere is fantastic. The guest rooms are designed elegantly making ideal place for both business and holiday maker’s suitable place to stay.

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort

If you prefer to stay along the Indian Ocean beach this is the best 5 start hotel where you can book your stay. The located in Indian Ocean shoreline amidst coconut palms in tranquil environment.

From the hotel you can enjoy Indian Ocean breathtaking views. It is a luxurious hotel with a private beach. Amenities in the hotel include multiple dining options, Ayurvedic spa, and stylish villas among others.

Four star hotels

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay along the beach, you can book your stay at this hotel. The hotels have all modern amenities to make guest enjoy a luxurious stay.

The guest rooms features modern design for every guest enjoyable stay. From the rooms you can enjoy Ocean views. Some of the amenities in the hotel include spacious rooms, multiple dining options, a large pool, and a spa.

The Kingsbury Colombo

You can enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka this hotel which is located in Colombo. It is preferred place hotel for price conscious leisure and business travelers.

The guest rooms are elegant and can enjoy ocean views from hotel. Some of the amenities in the hotel are rooftop pool and multiple dining choices.

Heritance Kandalama

This hotel is located in Sigiriya perched on hills. From the hotel you can see the famous Sigiriya Rocks. The architecture design of this hotel makes it stand out among other hotels is the area.

The gust rooms are modern design and features rattan furniture and timber panels. Some of the amenities in the hotel include tennis courts, gym, Spa and pools.

Three star hotels

Renuka City Hotel

You can enjoy your at this hotel which is located in Colombo. It is perfect hotel for budget travelers. Some of the amenities in the hotel include Wi-Fi, a rooftop pool and gym.

There is a well-designed restaurant where you can enjoy Sri Lanka traditional cuisines. From the hotel you can enjoy stunning view of the Indian Ocean,

Hotel Thilanka

If you touring Central part in Sri Lanka this the best budget hotel to book your stay. The hotel is located amidst the hills and the surrounded by natural beauty. From the hotel you can see Hunnasgiriya Mountain, the Temple of the Tooth and Udawattaekelle Natural Reserve.

The guest rooms features a flat-screen TV, work desk and tea/coffee making facilities. There is a pool where you can enjoy swimming, spa, restaurant where can enjoy traditional cuisines and ships you can buy anything you want.

Lady Hill Hotel

If you are touring Galle this is a budget hotel where you can stay. It is located on a hilltop and can enjoy city and ocean views from the hotel.

The guest rooms are designed to ensure travelers are comfortable featuring private bathroom, flat-screen TV, air conditioned and spacious. The amenities in the hotel are outdoor pool, a spa, and a restaurant.

17. Major flights operating from UAE to Sri Lanka

National Carriers

Srilankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airline is Sri Lanka national carrier. The airline offers exceptional hospitality during the flight. Throughout the flight you will be entertained and even can enjoy Sri Lanka cuisine.

Whether you are a budget traveler of looking love luxury you can book your flight with this airline to Sri Lanka.



Emirates, is famous Dubai based airline. You can book flight to Sri Lanka through this airline. The airline offers its services to more than 150 cities across the world in all continents.

During the flight you can enjoy a meal, you there is entertainment system, the seats are comfortable and cabin crews are friendly and professional.



Etihad Airways is also UAE based airline with its hub in Abu Dhabi. The airline offers flight services to Sri Lanka and during flight enjoy comfort and luxurious travel experience.

If you’re travelling on budget can enjoy premium services such as exquisite dining experiences, elegantly designed cabins and entertainment.

Budget Airlines

Fits Air

Fits Air

Fits Air, is an Arline based in Sri Lanka and its target customers are budget travelers. You will enjoy your flight to Sri Lanka visa this airline because it offers all essential services.

The airline have state of art aircrafts to ensure the safety, travelers are comfortable duding flight and entertained. Given the airline is familiarized with all parts in Sri Lanka they offer tips and insights about the destinations.

Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai

You can book your fight though also this Dubai based budget airline. The airline has capitalized to offer competitive flight prices to several destinations across the world.

The airline has modern flights and offers all amenities to ensure travelers have enjoyable flight. More so, their schedules are flexible hence traveler can choose the convenient time to travel visa the airline.

Air Arabia

Air Arabia

Air Arabia, is also UAE airline known for its competitive flight prices and standard services. If you are budget travelers you can check the flight prices to Sri Lanka on then airline website.

The airline ensures you get quality services at an affordable price. During your flight you will enjoy comfortable experience.

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