Dubai Job Seeker Visa– 2022 Dubai Visa Reform

Update - 07th October, 2022

All Sri Lankan visitors to Dubai before October 03, 2022, seeking employment and getting a residence visa, always apply for a pre-arranged Dubai visa. The new visa reform has introduced the Job seeker visa for Dubai, where job seekers can choose between the 60-days, 90-days, and 120-day job seeker visa.

Dubai Job Seeker Visa

What is Job Seeker Visa Dubai 2022

The Job seeker visa in Dubai is implemented to help job seekers to find suitable employment opportunities. This single-entry permit is usually issued for 60, 90, and 120-day durations.


Dubai Job Seeker Visa

Here is a list of Job seeker visa Dubai requirements:

  • Job seeker’s passport copy - The passport must have at least 6 months of validity (mandatory)
  • Colored photograph (mandatory)
  • Qualification certificate (mandatory)
  • Hotel reservation or rent contract or proof of place of residence (mandatory for residents only)
  • Health insurance covering the stay duration (optional)
  • Copy of return ticket from Dubai (optional)
  • Authenticated account statement (optional)
  • Iraqi population card for the beneficiary (optional)
  • the Iranian censenamah/ ID card for the beneficiary (optional)
  • Pakistani id card for the beneficiary (optional)
  • Afghan id card for the beneficiary (optional)

Job Seekers visa Dubai Cost

The price of the Dubai job seekers visa varies depending on the stay duration. The prices include a refundable security deposit worth AED 1025 and insurance. According to the ICP website, the job seeker visa costs are:

60-day visa

60 Days Visa

AED 1495
60-day visa

90 Days Visa

AED 1655
60-day visa

120 Days Visa

AED 1815

Express visa

If you need to visit Dubai in a hurry because of a scheduled interview, you can choose the Express visa, which promises a visa in 4 hours.

Tourist visa

There will be a different kind of tourist visa available in Dubai starting on October 3rd, 2022, and it will cost about 650 AED for a stay duration of 60 days.

Virtual Work Residency

If you meet the virtual work visa requirements, you may apply for one instead of a job seeker visa. A virtual work visa allows you to enter the country for a year from the date of issuance and extends your residence without a sponsor for an additional year.

Necessary documents

  • Identity confirmation (required)
  • Colorful photograph (required)
  • Acopy of the applicant's passport (required)
  • A copy of the applicant's health insurance policy (required)
  • Results of a medical fitness test (required)
  • Proof of virtual work outside of Dubai (required)
  • Salary certificate for USD 3500 or its equivalent in foreign currency (required)
Dubai Job Seeker Visa


  • A passport with a minimum six months validity
  • Documentation prooving remote work for an organization outside of the UAE
  • Documentation prooving monthly earnings of at least 3,500 USD or the equivalent in other currencies
  • Include a locally valid health insurance policy

How difficult is it to find a Job in Dubai?

Learn the truth about the job market in Dubai before applying for a job seeker visa to Dubai. There will always be a large percentage of people who will say, "it's not hard to find a job in Dubai at all," and there is a counterargument that those who are unemployed or actively looking for work will complain more about the employment market. However, we believe there are some real facts to back up this theory that finding a job in Dubai is more difficult than in more advanced economies.

Firstly, when compared to established economies, Dubai's population and average employee count are far smaller. Consequently, there will typically be fewer open positions at most local businesses. The amount of worldwide interest in moving to Dubai should also be taken into account since this will increase competition in the job and recruitment markets. As a result, employers become more "picky" and demand that candidates fulfill all their requirements before being hired.

People already employed in the region are constantly open to changing jobs in order to pursue a higher salary, title, or responsibilities because the job market in Dubai is so competitive. This might lead to a whole other topic of discussion because while it's true that you can find work, will that work pay your ideal salary, is from an industry of your choice or invoves responsibilities you are comfortabe with.

Another common advice in Dubai is "Do a lot of networking". In this region, as opposed to many other nations, it is even more obvious that you should use your network to support your next professional move. With social media usage, this has increased even more because it enables businesses to identify the ideal applicant for their needs with fewer interviews.

The emphasis on variety is becoming increasingly obvious as the region develops. The requirements to meet the employer's expectations become even more difficult when considering factors like gender, nationality, or languages spoken. Dubai is a rising talent magnet worldwide, coming in fifth overall for talent inflow after the US, the UK, Canada, and France.

According to a report issued by LinkedIn, healthcare, software, and information technology are the industries in Dubai that have experienced the greatest recovery in employment levels. All of these industries showed an increase in hiring following the pandemic.

The report also stated while other businesses like construction, energy, and mining are still catching up, the retail, leisure, and travel sectors have recovered. They are already operating at or above pre-pandemic levels. Covid-19 has sparked the green economy and has sped up government and private sector initiatives to promote a national green recovery and ease the switch to a sustainable economy. According to the report, the proportion of green jobs and those changing to be more environmentally friendly has risen in recent years.

List of Job Sites in Dubai

Dubai Job Seeker

Some businesses are well-known in Dubai for their stringent hiring procedures and stellar reputations as places to work. The retail giants Landmark Group and Majid Al Futtaim, the accountancy firm PwC, the asset management firms Mubadala and ADIA, and the management consulting firm Deloitte are among the greatest companies to work for, according to LinkedIn's Top Companies 2022 survey. Additionally, you can look into ADNOC, Emaar, Noon, Emirates, Etihad, and fly Dubai. Get an idea of Dubai’s recruitment market by visiting many of the popular online job platforms like:

Some good sites for finding jobs and internships include:

  • Bayt
  • Khaleej Times Jobs
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Gulftalent
  • Glassdoor

You might think about using a recruiter to easily find an employment opportunity that would fit your position the best. Many Dubai companies use headhunters when hiring new employees. The easiest approach to finding a job in the emirate is still to work with an agency, which is extremely widespread. Check out the following organizations:

  • Jivaro Partners (marketing & communications jobs)
  • ESP International (conferences, events, hospitality)
  • Robbert Murray (development, construction, engineering & public sector jobs)
  • BAC Middle East (engineering, marketing & management jobs)

If you choose to work through an agency, search for one that charges a commission from the employer rather than from the employee. Be cautious of recruiters who demand hefty payments from job seekers because those are scams.