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Dubai Visit Visa New Rules

Dubai Visit Visa New Rules

Dubai is among the top traveled cities in the world. The new visa policy allows nationals of over 70 countries to visit without a pre-arrival visa. The UAE authority grants travelers various visa types depending on the purpose of travel. It is now also very easy to apply for a visa online. The Dubai visit visa is the most common visa that travelers apply for in the Emirates.

Dubai Visit Visa New Rules

The Dubai government has abolished the previous 10-day grace period, which was granted to tourists whose visas to the UAE had expired. The Dubai visit visa new rules were substantiated by a travel agent based in Dubai and a Federal Authority ICP agent.

Travelers who overstay their visit visa will be charged a daily fine of AED 50. However, citizenship, customs, and port security ICP agents can still apply for a 30-day visa extension of their visit visa.

What Extensions Are Allowed in the UAE?

According to the Dubai visit visa new rules today, travelers with a UAE visit visa can now extend their visa validity from within the country. The applicants must, however, enter the Emirates within 60 days from the date the visa was issued, and the visa will be valid for 30 days or 60 days, depending on the visa type.

When their visas expire, travelers must leave the UAE unless they extend the visa. Failure to do so will result in overstaying visa fees that accumulate daily.

What is the Dubai Visit Visa?

The Dubai visit visa is issued to visitors who plan to stay in Dubai for more than 14 days for work or pleasure. The visa is usually valid for 60 days and can be renewed for 60 days too. You can obtain a majority of entry visas, such as the Business entry visa, job exploration visa, entry permit to visit friends and family, and multi-entry visa without the need for a sponsor or a host.

Dubai Visit Visa Application

There are several ways to get a Dubai visit visa. The application can be through a travel agency, online booking website, or getting sponsored by a well-known hotel or airline based in Dubai.

Allow a travel agency like Arabiers to handle your visa application. Before providing any documents or making payments to any agency, ensure that it is licensed and sanctioned by the relevant UAE authorities.

Consult the UAE embassy in your country to verify the legitimacy of a travel agency or hotel.

Dubai Visit Visa Status

If you have applied for a Dubai visa through Arabiers, you can check the application status from the Arabiers page. You need your unique application and reference numbers to make an inquiry.

For Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah visa applications, check the status on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's (ICA) website.

Dubai Visit Visa Grace Period and Extension

Dubai Visit Visa New Rules

All Dubai tourist visas can be extended for 30 days twice. It will cost you AED 200 (USD 54.45) to extend the visa.

The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) can extend their 30-day visa for visitors in the UAE once on their 90-day visit visas. The travelers can extend the visit visas of relatives and friends on a single-entry or multiple-entry trip for a period of 30, 60, and 90 days.

Dubai Visit Visa Grace Period

According to the new Dubai visit visa rules, applicants are allowed a grace period of 30 days. Do not overstay your visit visa, as you will be fined AED 50 (USD 13.6) daily. Additionally, you will need to obtain a Dubai/UAE outpass to allow you to exit the UAE. The outpass will cost approximately AED 300.

Dubai Unused Visit Visa

As per the new visa rules, all international travelers to the UAE must either cancel or extend their unused visit visas. If you are unable to enter the UAE within the visa validity period, please apply for an extension of the validity period of 60 days. Complete this process via the immigration portal.

If you do not want to extend the visa, you can cancel the visa via the immigration portal. The immigration system no longer deletes the old visa automatically, so you must do it yourself.

Unless you first cancel the old visa, you will not be allowed to apply for a new UAE visit visa. Canceling a UAE visit visa costs around AED 160 to AED 300.

What is the Cost of the Dubai Visit Visa?

The visa fee for all visas has increased by AED 100 since the implementation of the Dubai visit visa new rules. The visa fee for a 30-day visit visa issued by the ICA has increased from AED 270 to AED 370.

Confirm with your travel agent or individual airlines for the latest fees and updates regarding the UAE visit visas.