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India Student Visa from Sri Lanka

India Student Visa from Sri Lanka

The student visa application process for Sri Lankan students planning to study in India is specifically designed for bonafide students who are genuinely seeking higher education at recognized educational institutions. Arabiers understands the various procedures and requirements for India visas from Sri Lanka. We are here to assist students from Sri Lanka in navigating the India Student visa application process and ensure a smooth journey towards pursuing your educational goals in India.

What is an India Student Visa?

India Student visas are issued to bonafide Sri Lanka students who intend to pursue full-time studies at recognized educational institutions in India. These visas are specifically for higher education programs offered by colleges and institutions recognized by the government.

It is recommended that students verify the accreditation and recognition of the institution and the specific course they intend to study before making any applications. The term "bonafide students" refers to individuals who are genuinely enrolled and actively pursuing their education at an educational institution. In the context of visas and immigration, being a bonafide student means that the person is sincerely seeking education and has the intention to pursue regular studies at a recognized educational institution in India.

Points to know before applying for India Student Visa

  • Make sure the college or institution is accredited by the Indian Government. It is important to note that some newly introduced courses in established colleges may not yet be recognized by the Indian government. It is illegal to study in India under a Tourist Visa, and such visas cannot be converted to Student Visas.
  • Student Visas are granted for the full duration of the course, excluding primary school education. The bonafide certificate issued by the educational authorities in India should clearly mention the duration of the course and the relevant year of study.

Requirements for India Student Visa

  • To apply for a Student Visa, students must submit proof of their academic records, admission evidence from a recognized university or board, bonafide certificates if currently studying in India, photocopies of relevant academic certificates, and satisfactory evidence of financial support, such as a bank guarantee or a letter of support from parents/guardians. Students should also provide evidence of sufficient funds to sustain themselves in India for at least four months or show travelers' cheques of a similar amount.
  • For medical/para-medical courses in recognized medical colleges and diploma/degree/post-graduate courses in recognized engineering institutions/polytechnics, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Government of India (GOI) is required. Aspiring students should obtain the GOI's NOC from the institution before applying for the visa.
  • Admission to professional courses is regulated by the GOI, and institutions cannot grant direct admission without the consent/approval of the GOI/concerned state government.

Documents needed to apply for India Student Visa

India Student Visa from Sri Lanka
  1. To apply for the visa, please ensure that you have duly completed the Visa Application Form.
  2. Provide two recent color photographs (not older than 3 months), sized 2×2 inches, showing your full face with both ears visible against a white background. It is important that the photo on your passport and the Visa Application Form match your present appearance.
  3. In the Visa Application Form, please provide accurate details of your previous visits to India in the designated section labeled Serial Number F. Include the visa number, starting with an alphabet, along with the date of issue. If your last visit was on an eTV (electronic Visa / e-visa), mention the visa number and the date of the first entry as stamped or registered on your passport by the Bureau of Immigration, India, at the time of entry into India.
  4. If you have lost your previous passport, please provide the police compliant report. Additionally, submit photocopies of your current and previous passports. Include your Travel & Tour Itinerary as well.
  5. For Sri Lankan nationals, please provide a photocopy of your National Identity Card (N.I.C), Driving License, or Birth Certificate.
  6. To establish your residential address, provide proof of address such as your NIC, Driving License, Bank Statement, Rent Agreement, Telephone Bill, or G S Certificate.
  7. Include a bonafide certificate issued by the institution where you have been provisionally admitted for your studies.
  8. If you are a minor applicant intending to pursue studies in India without your parents, please submit a notarized declaration regarding your local guardian.

How to apply for an India Student Visa

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete your Indian student visa application process through Arabiers:

  • Gather all the required documents as per the provided checklist.
  • Submit the necessary documents to your visa consultant at Arabiers.
  • Wait for confirmation from your Arabiers visa consultant regarding the acceptance of your documents.
  • Make the payment for your Indian student visa using Arabiers secure payment gateway.
  • Proceed with your visa application for travel to India.
  • Once your visa is confirmed, the Arabiers team will contact you.
  • Prepare yourself for your upcoming journey to India.

The High Commission of India reserves the right to request additional documents and may require applicants to attend an interview if necessary. The visa should be within the validity period of the passport, and tampered or damaged passports are not accepted. Some cases may require additional processing time. The High Commission reserves the right to refuse visas without providing reasons or refunding fees.