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How to Apply India Visa for Sri Lankan passport

How to Apply India Visa for Sri Lankan passport

If you're a Sri Lankan citizen planning to visit India, obtaining an Indian e-Visa is as convenient and hassle-free as getting an India visa from Sri Lanka with Arabiers. The e-Visa allows for various purposes such as tourism, business, and medical visits, and it can be easily applied for online. Embark on a hassle-free journey to India with our detailed guide, covering eligibility requirements, application process, and crucial information for a successful trip.

Eligibility for Indian e-Visa

Sri Lankan citizens are eligible to apply for an e-Visa for India. Sri Lanka was one of the launch members of the India e-Visa program, which allows for fast entry into India using the electronic visa system.

Benefits of Indian e-Visa

The Indian e-Visa offers several advantages for Sri Lankan travelers, including :

  • Validity of up to 5 years, depending on the visa type.
  • Multiple entries allowed during the visa validity period.
  • Continuous stay of up to 90 days per visit.
  • Accepted at designated airports and seaports in India.
  • Accessible for tourism, medical visits, and business purposes.

Types of e-Visas and their Validity :

Types of e-Visas and their Validity :
  1. Tourist e-Visa: Available for 1 month, 1 year, or 5 years, allowing multiple entries for tourism purposes.
  2. Business e-Visa: Valid for 12 months, permitting multiple entries for business-related activities.
  3. Medical e-Visa: Can be applied for online and allows for visits to India for medical purposes.

Indian e-Visa Application Process

  1. Visit Arabiers office or contact Arabiers via WhatsApp for help with your e-Visa India application.
  2. Fill out the online application form, providing the required information accurately.
  3. Make the payment for the visa fee using Sri Lankan Rupees or any of the 135 accepted currencies, including debit/credit cards or PayPal.
  4. Submit the application and wait for the confirmation email.
  5. If additional documents such as passport copies or photographs are required, you will be notified and given instructions on how to provide them.
  6. Once your e-Visa is approved, you will receive it via email. Keep a soft or printed copy of the visa to present at the airport.

Why apply for an India eVisa for Sri Lankan Passport ?

One of the significant advantages of applying for an Indian e-Visa online is that Sri Lankan citizens do not need to visit the Indian Embassy or Consulate at any stage of the application process. The e-Visa is electronically recorded in the central computer system of the Government of India, and immigration officers can access this information from any airport worldwide.

Approval Time

In most cases, the Indian e-Visa application is processed within 3-4 business days. To ensure a smooth visa application process, it is recommended to apply ahead of time, considering potential delays, particularly during busy travel periods and holidays.

Points to Remember

  1. Carry a printout of the e-Visa approval email as secondary proof.
  2. Be prepared to present the necessary documents for immigration.
  3. Familiarize yourself with additional guidance for specific visa types, such as business visas.
  4. Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.
  5. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of application.
  6. Adhere to the allowed duration of stay (up to 90 days) to avoid penalties and future travel complications.
  7. Overstaying can result in fines and potential legal actions by the Indian government.
  8. Some restrictions apply to e-Visa holders, such as prohibitions on journalism, film making, university degrees, and long-term paid work. Separate permissions are required for certain activities.

Top Places in India That Sri Lankans Must Visit

India's enchanting destinations are as diverse as they are captivating. From rich history to cultural marvels, each region offers a unique charm. Explore the wonders of this fascinating country and embark on a journey of discovery like no other with an India Visa for Sri Lanka Passport. Obtaining an Indian e-Visa is a convenient option for Sri Lankan travelers visiting India for various purposes. By following the simple online application process, Sri Lankan citizens can enjoy the benefits of multiple-entry visas, and hassle-free entry at designated airports and seaports. Here are some top places in India that Sri Lankans must visit:

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj mahal

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal is a magnificent white marble mausoleum that must not be missed. It is a symbol of love and an architectural masterpiece.

2. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Taj mahal

Known as the "Pink City," Jaipur offers a glimpse into the royal heritage of Rajasthan. Visit the Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and explore the vibrant bazaars for traditional Rajasthani crafts and textiles.

3. Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

Explore the serene backwaters of Kerala, a network of interconnected lakes, canals, and lagoons. Take a houseboat cruise through the picturesque landscapes, enjoy the traditional Kerala cuisine, and rejuvenate with Ayurvedic treatments.

4. Goa


Experience the allure of Goa's stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and captivating Portuguese heritage. Unwind on pristine sands, enjoy thrilling water sports, discover enchanting architecture, and delight in seafood delicacies.

5. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore, Karnataka

Visit Mysore to explore its majestic palaces, especially the Mysore Palace, which is a visual delight with its grand architecture and illuminated facade. Also, don't miss the vibrant Mysore Dasara festival, a 10-day celebration of music, dance, and cultural events.

6. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and showcases the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire. Marvel at the ancient temples, intricate carvings, and the stunning landscape that surrounds this historical site.

7. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

For breathtaking mountain landscapes, visit Ladakh, also known as the "Land of High Passes." Explore the monasteries, go trekking in the Himalayas, and experience the unique culture of the region.

Remember to adhere to the visa regulations and plan your trip accordingly to make the most of your Indian adventure with your India Visa from Sri Lanka.